Tree permits are not required for the removal of trees on single-family residential lots that are owner-occupied (have a valid homestead exemption with the Volusia County Property Appraiser).

Single-family lots that are rented or mobile home parks are not exempt from permitting.

Tree permits are not required for tree removal on lots that are zoned A-1, A-2, A-3 (only if over 2.5 acres in size), A-4, RC, RA, MH3, MH4 (only if over 2.5 acres in size), or FR. To determine your zoning designation click on the link to the zoning map.

Residential tree permit information
Clearing a lot for the construction of a new single-family residence requires a tree removal permit.

On residential lots, trees over 6 inches in diameter at breast height (DBH) in the zoning setbacks are considered protected.

To find out what your setbacks are, please contact the zoning office at 386-943-7059.

Protected trees may be removed with proper permitting, but require replacement. The Environmental Management Division (EMD) inspector will determine the replacement required based on the number and size of trees removed.

A tree permit fee of $80 plus $20 per tree removed (up to a max of $668) is required.

If you need assistance to determine the required replacement please contact the Permitting Information Coordinator at 386-736-5927, ext. 12093, or email

Tree preservation ordinance Volusia FL

Tree removal permit application for Volusia FL

Additional information on tree removal and replacement specifications

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