Tree limb removal falls under tree trimming and the cost will depend on the size of the tree and the number of branches being removed.

The average cost of a single tree limb removal is $120. The prices range from $75 right up to $250. Removing very large limbs from huge trees can cost more.

Most people get a few limbs off their tree removed at a time, so if you want to price for tree trimming, you should read our cost guide.

Average tree limb removal cost

Limb sizeLowHigh
Small 2” - 4”$35$195
Medium 4” - 6”$190$370
Large 6” - 12 “$450$1,200

Average Limb removal cost


Cost of broken tree limb removal

Removing broken tree limbs that have come down in a storm will cost about the same as removing an attached limb. The average price will be $253.

The arborist will still need to scale the tree and tidy up the wound where the limb has snapped off.

For pricing, you can refer to the above examples for small, medium, and large limb removal costs.

broken limb in tree example
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Tree limb removal services near me

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If you are not after a tree removal estimate, but just more information on the cost of trimming or maintenance, I suggest visiting our homepage for links to the ring page or guide.

Tree Limbs over your house cost more

Any tree limb that has an obstacle directly under it like a house, power lines, or anything else that will slow the job down, is going to cost more money to remove.

An arborist will look at your limb removal job and work out how long it is going to take, then work out a price. The more time-consuming the job, the more it is going to cost.

removing tree limb over home

What to ask when getting estimates

If you opt to search for and hire tree services from a Google search, below are a few good questions to ask to make sure they are qualified and insured, plus so you get the best deal possible.

Qualifications and insurance papers

There are lots of wannabe arborists out there who open tree care businesses but are not qualified to do the work.

This is a huge concern especially when you enter into a business transaction with them and invite them onto your property to work. If they have an accident, you leave yourself wide open to litigation.

There are two things you need to ask every tree service company when they are quoting your trimming job:

1. Qualifications
2. Public liability insurance

Qualifications – Your tree care professional needs to have completed an Arboriculture course and be a certified arborist. This qualifies him to work on trees at a professional level.

Public liability insurance – This insurance used by Tree Services covers you in case of an accident. The industry standard is 10 million in public liability insurance. If they make a mistake and put the tree limb through the roof of your house, you are covered.

Note: The company needs to give you a copy of their qualifications and insurance papers, not just flash them at you.

Separate price to remove the waste yourself

Depending on the size of the tree limb being removed and the location of the tree on your property, it can be a lot cheaper to ask the tree company to leave the branch on-site and remove it yourself.

In some cases, you can save 50% off the price of removal.

If the tree in question is at the back of your property with poor rear access (it is only accessible through a side gate) and the tree limb needs to be lugged piece by piece to the front of your property for removal, then they will charge you less to just leave the waste on-site.

Time is money, so if you can save them time in any way, this will save you money.

You can then remove the branch over time in your green waste bin.

Get Matched with a Tree Removal Expert in Your State

Fallen tree limb removal responsibility

If a tree limb has fallen off your tree and landed in your neighbor’s yard, it is your responsibility to have it removed. The same is true if your neighbor’s tree has shed a limb.

If it has done some damage to the fence or neighbor’s house, your home insurance will cover this.

Ben McInerney
Author: Ben McInerney - Ben is a qualified arborist with 15 plus years of industry experience in Arboriculture. He ran a successful tree service before turning to writing and publishing. Ben is dedicated to providing users with the most accurate up-to-date information on everything trees.