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Tree removal permit Fort Lauderdale FL

In most cases, you will need to get a tree removal permit before carrying out any tree work. Some smaller trees may not need a permit, but it is advisable to put in an application if the tree is taller than 10 feet.

You will need to get the removal done by a licensed arborist.

The following trees are exempt from needing city approval for removal;
a. Australian Pine.
b. Bishopwood.
c. Brazilian Pepper.
d. Earleaf Acacia.
e. Melaleuca.
f. Norfolk Island Pine.
g. Pencil Tree.
h. Poison Wood.
i. Schefflera.

Also, if a tree is dead or poses an immediate threat to persons or property, it can be removed by a licensed arborist. In the case of a dangerous tree, you will need to document everything with photos before removal.

Your local qualified arborist will be able to advise you on all of the above when they come out to quote your job.

Tree trimming in Fort Lauderdale

Permits are not required to prune a tree in Fort Lauderdale, but tree trimming must be carried out according to acceptable national tree pruning standards, and commercial tree service in Fort Lauderdale must have a Broward County Tree Trimmer’s license to prune.


Tree removal permit application form Fort Lauderdale FL


More Information
Kimberly Pearson, Chief Landscape Plans Examiner
Urban Design & Planning Division
Department of Sustainable Development
Phone: 954-828-5200

Tree removal permit Hollywood FL

Tree removal laws

You are not allowed to remove, relocate or destroy any tree in Hollywood Florida without first obtaining a permit from the city. You can find a link to the application form below.

The following trees are exempt from needing a permit. As they are considered a pest, you can remove them without a permit as they are considered a pest:

Australian Pine
Brazilian Pepper Tree
Earleaf Acacia
Norfolk Island Pine
Poison Wood

Tree Pruning

The tree preservation ordinance does not specifically stipulate whether you will need a permit for tree pruning. As a general rule of thumb, as long as you are either.

  • removing deadwood
  • removing branches for powerline or roof clearance
  • performing a canopy lift

Then, you should not have an issue. I do recommend you get the work carried out by a professional arborist who is licensed in Broward County.

Logo with City of FL

Tree preservation ordinance Hollywood FL


A tree removal permit Hollywood FL


City of Hollywood
2600 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, FL 33020-4807
Phone: 954.967.HELP (4357)

Tree removal permit Pembroke Pines FL

prembroke pines city logo

A permit is required if you’re planning to remove or relocate a tree on your property. You must fill out an application form and pay a small fee to the city planning and economic division.

The simple submission of the application does not authorize and permit tree removal. Your permit is pending approval by the city before you can legally carry out the work.

The city does require justification for the removal of any tree before they will give approval.

Things such as the tree being in poor quality or condition, hazardous, or if the tree is significantly damaged or creates an ongoing safety problem for existing development or for persons and property.

Pembroke Pines takes its tree canopy growth program very seriously and does not just let people remove trees willy-nilly.

Please refer to the tree removal application form and or speak with the city arborist by emailing landscape@ppines.com or calling 954-392-2100.

Tree removal permit application form Pembroke Pines


Mailed applications should be sent to:
Planning and Economic Development Department
Attention: Landscaping/Tree Removal
601 City Center Way
3rd Floor
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025

Hand Delivered Applications should be brought to:
Pembroke Pines Municipal Center
Planning and Economic Development Department
601 City Center Way
3rd Floor
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

Hand-delivered applications can be received Monday through Thursday between the hours of 7 am and 5:30 pm

Tree removal permit Miramar FL

The city of Miramar does not permit the removal or altering of any trees. The city makes requirements for trees to mitigate the loss of existing natural canopy habitats.

As the city recognizes that trees provide many things for the community such as improving air quality, lowering temperatures during summer months, enhancing real estate value, saving money on energy, etc.

The city does require that you obtain approval prior to any work being carried out by filling out an application form for a tree work permit.

You can find a link to their application form below and contact details if you wish to ask further questions.

You will need to get a licensed arborist to carry out any tree work in Brevard County.


Tree preservation order Miramar FL

Tree removal permit application form Miramar FL


City of Miramar
2300 Civic Center Place, Miramar, FL 33025
(954) 602-HELP(4357)
Business Hours: Mon-Thur 7 am-6 pm

Tree removal permit Coral Springs FL

The removal of any tree in coral springs Florida does require a permit.

There are some trees that are exempt from needing a permit because they’re classified as a local pest those trees are.

Tree removal exemptions

The following trees do not need a permit to remove as they are considered a local pests.

Norfolk Island pine
Florida Holly or Brazilian pepper
Australian Pine
Ficus Benjamina
Ficus Nitida

Failure to remove or prune damaged trees by natural disasters within 30 days shall be a violation.

Trimming Regulations

Tree trimming must be done in accordance with the American national standard.

The trimming of diseased or dead portions of trees such as palm fronds is permitted. This includes the removal of interfering, obstructing, or weak branches of the tree so that the result is the tree is not a threat to public safety and is permitted without approval.

Any tree that is considered a specimen or historic tree must obtain a council plan permit before any pruning or removal takes place.

Trees with specimens or historic status are those that are considered very mature and perfect examples of that particular tree species. Please contact the coral springs landscaping development department if you feel your tree may Fall under the specimen or historic status.

coral springs city logo

Tree preservation ordinance Coral Springs FL

Tree removal application form Coral Springs FL


Coral Springs contact
9500 West Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Development Services: 954-344-1160
Building: 954-344-1025

Tree removal permit Pompano Beach FL

A tree removal permit is required prior to performing a tree removal, tree relocation, land clearing, and or demolition of trees.

Tree protection is required in conjunction with any type of construction proposed within the area of existing trees.

Palm trees
Palm trees are also protected by the city and do require a permit for complete removal. You may prune dead fronds and any friends below the horizon line of that palm tree provided the work is carried out by a licensed arborist.

How much does a tree permit cost?
And an application fee of $25 plus an extra five dollars per additional tree. Visa non-refundable and non-transferable.

pompano beach city florida logo

Tree removal application form Pompano Beach FL

Additional information on tree removal applications

Tree removal permit Davie FL

A person shall not allow the removal of any tree without first obtaining a permit from the Town. Please contact the Landscaping Division at 954-797-1072 for additional information.

What about an invasive exotic species?
No, you will not need a permit unless the removal of the invasive exotic species leaves the property with less than the required number of trees specified in the Town of Davie Code.

In that case, a permit may be required.

Town of Davie Logo

Tree removal application form Davie FL

Additional information on tree removal applications Davie FL

Tree trimming in Davie

You are permitted to prune your trees in Davie without a permit, but it is recommended that you use a licensed arborist to do so.

As the city of Davie is prone to cyclone damage, it is advised that trees are not hacked at or topped, and only proper tree trimming techniques are implemented such as;

The removal of all dead or dying/ diseased branches
The the canopy
Structural pruning

For more information on tree pruning guidelines in Davie Florida, please refer to the below link.


In addition, you can find a list of Florida’s most invasive trees that in most cases can be removed without a permit.


For more information contact
Landscape Division 954-797-1072

Tree removal permit Sunrise FL

Tree removal permits are needed to remove/replace trees at your home (including those in the backyard).

In general, single-family homes must have a minimum of 3 trees, including two planted in the front yard; however to verify your specific requirements, please contact the Urban Forester.

Replacement trees must meet code requirements (size, species, location of planting) – see Approved Plant List.

Certain exotic trees are prohibited in Sunrise.

Only licensed tree trimmers may perform work in Broward County.
Please contact the Urban Forester at (954) 746-3272 for further information.

City of Sunrise logo

Tree removal application (engineering application) form Sunrise FL

Additional information on tree removal applications

Tree removal permit Plantation FL

The city of the plantation does require a permit before any tree removal or pruning work is carried out.

Even once approval is obtained you may not prune or trim any more than 25% of the canopy of a tree or palms.

Had racking or topping trees is strictly prohibited.

Palm trees

When printing palm trees you are only permitted to prune dead fronds and seedpods. Green fronds and not to be removed.

If you intend on performing the tree pruning yourself plantation has provided a detailed guide on proper printing principles and printing styles such as canopy lifts and thinning.

Please refer to the guide below for more details.


plantation fl logo

Tree removal application form

Tree removal and trimming permit Deerfield Beach FL

A permit is required from the city before any tree removal work is carried out. This includes the work on all trees with a trunk diameter greater than 3 inches taken at breast height.

This also includes the removal of nuisance trees such as;
Australian pine
Florida Holly/Brazilian pepper
Norfolk Island Pine
Queensland umbrella
Earfeaf acacia

A permit costs $10 per tree and trees are to be replaced within 30 days of a signed permit.

All true removal or relocation ad to be done by a certified arborist with Broward County licenses as a tree specialist.

Or replacement trees are to comply with the city of Deerfield Beach LDC code. Stumps and roots are to be ground to a minimum of 6 inches below ground.

Deerfield beach city logo

Deerfield Beach tree removal permit application form

Tree removal permit Lauderhill FL

A tree removal permit for any tree greater than 10 feet high, including tree pruning and tree removal/relocation is required in the city of Laura Hill Florida.

Any illegal tree removal or destruction of trees without the prior consent of the city can lend you a very hefty fine per violation.

Please follow the link to the tree move application form below and submit it to your local council along with any cost required to get permission for removal.

Tree removal Lauderhill Florida application form


City of Lauderhill
5581 W. Oakland Park Blvd.
Lauderhill, FL 33313
Main phone: (954) 739-0100

Tree removal permit Weston FL

A tree removal permit is required for any tree work to be carried out in Weston Florida.

Their tree preservation ordinance is in place to maintain the look and feel of Weston’s landscaped environment and to encourage the development of the tree canopy throughout the city.

These cities’ tree canopy is protected by the permitting process of tree removal.

Please contact the City’s Tree Preservation Code Administrator, Bill Tesauro at 954-266-6489 or via email to discuss the specific issue on your property.

All tree/palm trimming, removal, relocation, and root pruning not done by the homeowner themselves, must be done by a registered City of Weston tree service near you provider in accordance with City Code Chapter 122

Tree removal permit application form Weston FL

List of a recommended arborist in Weston FL

Tree removal permit Tamarac FL

Rules and regulations for tree removal in Tamarac Florida all fall under the bright county tree preservation ordinance.

A permit is required prior to the removal or relocation of any tree unless the tree qualifies for an exemption.

All tree removals must be carried out by a licensed arborist registered in Brevard County.

Tree trimming laws

Tree trimming needs to be carried out by licensed and qualified persons and must follow standards set up by the American national standards institute.

The proper pruning of trees and palms is required. Things such as hat-racking, topping, stump cutting, or excessive lifting are prohibited.

Tree preservation ordinance Broward

Tamarac tree pruning or removal application form

Tree removal permit Coconut Creek FL

A tree removal permit is required for the removal of trees or lot clearing that have a trunk diameter greater than 18 inches when measured at breast height.

Tree removal is to be carried out by a professional arborist with a license in Broward County.

There are a minimum number of trees that are required to be on any block of land in Coconut Creek, so if removing your tree does reduce that minimum you will be required to replace that tree within 30 days of it being removed.

Tree pruning Coconut Creek Florida

A tree pruning permit is not required to carry up pruning work in the coconut creek area, but the city does require that proper pruning techniques as stipulated in the NS I Dash 8300 standards need to be adhered to.

Below is a link to tree pruning guidelines that stipulate proper and improper trimming techniques as well as the correct pruning for palm trees.

If you hire an arborist, they must possess a County tree trimming license. At least one trained individual must be on-site at all times. To verify a licensed professional please contact the city of Coconut Creek.

Tree removal information sheet Coconut Creek FL

Tree removal permit application form Coconut creek

Tree removal permit Margate FL

Before applying for a permit for tree relocation OR tree removal a courtesy tree inspection is required.

The City will review your tree relocation or removal request to ensure that it conforms to the Tree Preservation Ordinance, and any other applicable ordinances.

A fee of $50 is payable for a tree removal application as well as $10 per additional tree.

The city of Margate requires the maintenance of trees on your property. Dead and/or dying trees and limbs or other natural growth which constitute a health or safety hazard to persons or property shall be removed and replaced if required by City code requirements or site plan approval.

Trees shall be kept pruned and trimmed to prevent the occurrence of a health or safety hazard as provided by Section 12 – 17 of the City of Margate Code of Ordinances.

For more information on property maintenance standards please refer to:

Tree removal and pruning permit application form Margate FL


City of Margate
5790 Margate Boulevard
Margate, FL 33063
City Hall Main Telephone: 954-972-6454

Tree removal permit Oakland Park FL

No person shall cut down, remove, relocate, or destructively damage any tree as defined in section 27-404 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances without first obtaining a Tree Removal Permit from the Engineering and Community Development Department.

Permits shall not be required for the removal of the following exotic species:

Schinus Terebinthifolius (Brazilian Pepper Tree/Florida Holly)
Metopium Toxiferum (Poison Wood)
Casuarina Equisetifolia (Australian Pine)
Melaleuca Quinquenervia (Melaleuca)
Araucaria Heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine)
Schefflera Actinophylla (Schefflera)

Tree removal permit application form Oakland Park Florida


City Hall Oakland Park
3650 NE 12th Avenue
Oakland Park, FL 33334
Ph: 954-630-4200

Ben McInerney
Author: Ben McInerney - Ben is a qualified arborist with 15 plus years of industry experience in Arboriculture. He ran a successful tree service before turning to writing and publishing. Ben is dedicated to providing users with the most accurate up-to-date information on everything trees.