Tree removal laws & permits Palm Bay FL

If you live in a single-family or a two-family lot with less than 1 acre of area, you are allowed to remove or trim a tree in Palm Bay without a permit.

There are trees that are exempt from any regulation as they are considered a pest in the area and may be removed without a permit.

They are the following (common names):

Scaly-barked beefwood
Australian pine
Brazilian pepper
Castor bean
ear tree
camphor tree

Exemptions also include any tree that is a danger to health or safety and requires immediate removal without delay. For this, an on-site verbal authorization may be given by a City Planner to allow the removal of the tree without obtaining a written permit as herein required. Such verbal authorization shall later be confirmed in writing within seven (7) days’ time.

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Tree Removal laws and ordinance Palm Bay FL

Tree removal permit application form Palm Bay FL

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Tree removal laws & permits Melbourne City FL

You need to obtain a permit to remove any tree on your property in Melbourne Florida. That also includes pine trees, palm trees, dead trees, and any tree that the state considers a pest.

Tree removal permits are usually issued at no cost but can cost up to $25 depending on the tree and the reason for removal. Tree permits for removal are valid for 12 months.

Any tree that is removed and a permit is granted for replacement, trees will need to be planted in its place.


Tree removal ordinance Melbourne FL

Tree removal permit application form Melbourne

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Tree removal laws & permits Titusville FL

You may remove a tree in Titusville that has a trunk diameter of 4 inches or less as measured at breast height [4 1/2 feet above ground level].

If you live in a single-family residential dwelling and have been living there for more than one year a tree removal permit shall not be required by the owner to move any tree.

Nuisance trees do not require a permit for removal as they are not protected under the tree removal ordinance.

These trees are as follows.

Brazilian pepper
Ear tree
Australian pine

You may also remove any city tree which is dead diseased otherwise injured and which poses a threat to the public. The permit fee will be waived in these cases.

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Tree removal ordinance Titusville FL

Tree removal permit application form Titusville FL

Tree removal laws and permits Rockledge FL

Yes, a permit is required along with a layout of your yard showing the location of all your trees and indicating which tree is being removed.

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Tree removal ordinance Rockledge FL

Tree removal permit application form Rockledge FL

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