When a tree is dead, the best thing is to remove it because it can be dangerous to your home and family. Although there are many tree removal services, it is critical to find the best offer depending on your needs and budget.

You can find tree removal services on the internet or through your family, friends, and neighbors. There are, however, ways you can save up to 43% on dead tree removal. These include:

The size of your tree will determine whether you hire a certified arborist or lawn care contractor. If the tree is five meters long or less, it is best to hire a gardener because they will be much cheaper than arborists. More so, a small dead tree is not complicated to remove.

For medium and large trees, you should hire an arborist for the tree removal job. Although this professional may be more expensive than other options, you will have peace of mind because the professional is experienced, qualified, and insured. So, if accidents or damages happen, you will be all covered.

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2. Go Tree Quotes

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Using this method is fast and convenient because you will save time and money. More so, it is free of obligations, and it comes with a guarantee.

Dead tree removal cost

Once a tree dies, its timber becomes rock hard, which makes it very difficult to remove. It also takes a longer time to remove dead trees. Therefore, removing a dead tree is more expensive than live tree removal.

The cost to remove a dead tree ranges from $500 to $4500, with an average price of $1807. The complexity of the tree removal, the number of branches, access, and tree size will influence the tree removal’s final cost.

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Should I DIY or hire a pro?

As much as you would like to save on tree removal costs, it is not advisable to remove a dead tree yourself. This is because the job is risky, and you may end up injuring yourself. Below are five reasons why you should not engage in DIY tree removal.

Self-injuries– the tree itself or the tools you use to remove the tree may injure you during the removal process. Trees use huge chainsaws that cut through them for quick removal. These chainsaws have caused serious accidents and even deaths over the years.

Injury to others– since you are not experienced in removing trees, you probably will not know the safety procedures. Therefore, you may end up injuring other people, such as friends, bystanders, or even family members who may be watching.

Poor handling of tools– chainsaws are very big and require an experienced professional to handle them properly. Without experience, you may not be able to handle kickbacks or unexpected jerks that may lead to accidents.

Property damage– you may think that you are saving on the costs, but you may cause damages to your property without experience. More so, if a branch falls on your neighbor’s property, you will be forced to compensate him/her.

Hidden dangers– trained professionals will be able to see the hidden dangers of how the trunk may fall. For you, you may not be able to predict how the tree will wall. So, you may end up causing damages to your property.

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Do I need a permit to remove a dead tree?

No, you do not need a permit for dead tree removal. Once a tree dies, you should remove it to prevent future problems. Dead tree removal is part of maintaining your home and compound. Besides, you will prevent future falling off the tree, which may lead to severe damage and even injuries.

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Reasons to remove a dead tree

Dead trees pose a danger to you, your family, and your property. Also, if the tree falls on your house or your neighbor’s property, you may be forced to pay for the damages. Below are several reasons why you should remove dead trees.

Dead trees attract pests

There is no reason to keep a dead tree standing because it will continue attracting pests that may become a bother to you. These include rats, termites, and even bats that may become a nuisance to you and your family. More so, the bugs could multiply and start infesting other trees.

Dead trees are not appealing

Why would you want to keep a tree that is not aesthetically pleasing? They will make your yard look unappealing, which may affect the resale value of the home. Therefore, it is best to remove it because you have nothing to gain by keeping it in your yard.

It is cheaper to remove before it falls

The structural integrity of trees becomes compromised when they die. This means the branches may fall and land on roofs, cars, and animals. So, removing it before it falls will be more cost-effective because there will be no attached costs of repairs or medication in case of injuries.

It could be contagious

If the tree dies because of a particular tree disease, it may impact other surrounding trees if you do not remove it on time. So, to avoid risking your entire landscape, it is essential to remove the dead tree early on.

It could topple over

Dead trees are not strong because their structural integrity is compromised. For this reason, the tree could fall over and cause serious damage to your home or your neighbor’s house. This will result in expensive emergency tree services. More so, you may be forced to foot high medical bills if the tree falls on you or another person and causes severe injuries.

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How to save on dead tree removal

If you are looking to save on tree removal, the following ways will be of great help.

Get it done in winter: The best time to hire tree services is during winter because there is less work for tree services, so they drop their prices. So, if you can wait until winter to remove a dead tree, you could save some money to use on other projects.

However, if the tree may fall before winter, it is best to hire an arborist to prevent further costs on damages that the tree may cause.

Tell tree services to leave logs: Another way to save money is by doing the rest of the work yourself. After the tree service removes the dead tree, tell them to leave the logs. You can then dispose of the green waste and timber during your own time. This will save on the labor costs of having dead logs removed.

Sell on eBay: You can sell the tree as unsplit firewood and get $50+ per cubic meter. This is a great way to recoup money from the timber. If you play your card well and sell the firewood when the demand is high, you will get good profits from the timber.

Create access: Tree Removal Companies price their services depending on the complexity of the job. If there is no access route, the cost to remove the tree will be higher. So, ensure you create enough access if you do not have any, to make the work easier for the tree removal services. This will help you to save extra cash that you can use on other things.

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The wood in dead trees does not get nourishment from nutrients. This makes it dry, brittle, and susceptible to falling. This may make the tree fall unexpectedly and cause fatal injuries and damages that will cost you lots of money. Therefore, it is advisable to remove dead trees early on to avoid costly repairs and medical bills.

It can take years for a dead tree to fully pass, and it can remain strong even when damaged and sick. Therefore, you may not have to remove it right away. However, if the tree poses a danger to property and family, it is vital to remove it early to prevent future problems.

The best way to dispose of a dead tree is by cutting the remaining limbs off and slicing the trunks into smaller pieces. This makes it easy to pick the pieces and discard them. Also, you can rent a dumpster to help you dispose of the tree easily and fast.

Your homeowners’ insurance cover will not cover the cost of removing a dead tree while it is still standing. This is because removing a dead tree is considered part of your home maintenance routine. If the tree falls unexpectedly, your insurance will cover the cost of removing the tree and any damages caused.

A dead tree can remain standing for up to two years, depending on the soil’s soil structure and moisture content. The tree can, however, fall sooner if it is disturbed.

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