Once a tree has fallen due to whatever reason, you will need to make arrangements to have it removed.

The cost of fallen tree removal is anywhere from $150 to $1,900, with the average being $622 so far this year. Fallen tree removal cost is generally about 50% cheaper than a tree of the same size that is standing.

The reason for the huge price drop is the hard work of getting the tree on the ground safely is already done. All that is left is to cut up and remove the tree.

The most important factor when pricing the removal of a fallen tree is the tree’s height/ length, the trunk diameter, and the location on your property.
Below is a breakdown of prices you might be quoted.

Tree heightTrunk diameterAccessPrice
fallen tree in backyard on fence

Average cost of fallen tree removal

The average cost to remove a fallen tree is $622. This price is taken by averaging out the cost of all fallen tree removal prices given in the US this year.

The cost to remove your fallen tree will depend on size, spread, and location/access.

The bigger the tree, the more it will cost, but access to heavy machinery makes a big difference in the cost.

A 30ft. tree in a backyard with poor access will cost double for the same size tree in a front yard. Better access means a quicker and cheaper job.

Tip: Go here for more tree removal cost information.

cutting up fallen tree in yard

Fallen tree removal service near me

There are no specific fallen tree removal services, you will need a phone a plain old tree removal service near you and ask them to come out and remove the tree.

If it is the result of a storm, then you are best to wait a week or two until the rush of other customers has subsided, as you are far more likely to get a good price.

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Cost to cut up fallen tree

It is going to be cheaper to just get a tree removal service to cut up your fallen tree and NOT to remove it completely. The cutting part is easy, it’s the removal that takes time and man-hours.

Pro-tip: Ask your local tree service to cut the branches off and remove anything thicker than your arm. For anything larger, you can get them to cut in foot-long logs. That way you can dry them and sell them on eBay for firewood.

downed tree in backyard

Downed tree removal cost

A downed tree is no different from a fallen tree. It is a tree that has either come down in a storm or all on its own due to poor habit or root structure.

The same prices will apply.

Fallen tree branch removal cost

Fallen tree branch removal is going to be a lot cheaper than the removal of an entire tree. You will need to also phone a local arborist tree service for the job.

It is important in this case to make sure you ask the tree service to climb the tree and make a clean cut for the broken branch to the tree. This will help the tree heal over time.

Who is responsible for fallen tree removal?

If the tree is in your yard and has fallen in your yard, then you are responsible. If your tree falls, you are still responsible for its removal.

As a general rule of thumb, wherever the tree was when it was standing, no matter where it fell, the original owner is responsible for cleaning it up.

The same applies if your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard. He is responsible for its removal. If they can’t afford it or are not insured, your homeowner’s insurance should cover it.

fallen branches need chipping
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Is fallen tree removal covered by insurance?

If the tree has fallen in a storm, even if it has not damaged anything, then you should have a case for homeowner’s insurance to cover the cost of removal.

If the tree did some damage to a fence, shed home, etc. on the way down your insurer will also cover the repair.

What is not covered – If a tree is dead or has fallen due to neglect, then your insurance company might not come to the party.

The maintenance of trees is the responsibility of the owner. If a tree dies, it is up to the owner to get it removed before it falls over.
Leaving a dead tree in your yard for years and waiting for it to fall to claim insurance will not work.

If the dead tree does some damage when it falls, insurance might cover it, but your insurer can just as easily claim your neglect led to the damage being done and not cover you.

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What about if it fell during a hurricane?

If a tree falls in a hurricane, then your insurance company should cover the costs.

Normally if the tree comes down during natural disasters it’s a given that it will be covered.

Most of the time in the aftermath of a hurricane, there are emergency services working on trees city-wide, so they should get your tree and at least get it on the ground and safe while you sort out your insurance claim.

Make sure you take photos and document everything before emergency services get there.

How to save money on fallen tree removal services

Tree removal can be expensive so knowing just a few small tricks is key to saving hundreds.

1. First thing you need to remember is not to be in a rush. I know your yard is a mess, but if you ask a tree-cutting service near you to drop everything and come to your aid, they are going to charge a pretty penny.

If the tree is currently in a dangerous position, phone emergency services in your state to come out and make it safe. After that, you have all the time in the world.

2. Get two separate quotes – The hardest part of tree removal is getting it down on the ground safely. Now that has been taken care of (since it fell by itself), the next most expensive thing is hauling it away.

Get 1 x quote for cut up and haul away and 1 x separate quote to cut up and leave all logs onsite.

You will find that leaving the logs on-site will save you about half.

3. Make a profit on the firewood – Firewood goes for about $100 per cubic meter split. Once the tree company has come out and cut the tree up, just take a photo and post it on eBay.

Start the bidding at just $1 to generate interest, and watch locals outbid each other to get some cheap firewood. Normally un-split or green timber will go for less, but it is still worth your while. The kicker is, they will come and haul it away free!

Not only do you save on costs, but you also make money on the waste product.

4. Negotiate cheaper tree removal service –  There are a lot of things you can negotiate to save on tree removal. From asking to leave the stump, to leaving the timber to exchanging the tree for firewood.  

Because there are many factors that add to tree removal prices, removing these can benefit you. If the tree is hard to get to, offer to remove a panel offense to make it easier. 

Organize a tree clean-up where you can leave the tree on the nature strip and the council will remove it for free. If there is a will there’s a way.

Emergency fallen tree removal – Who to call to save

Circumstances that warrant “emergency” fallen tree removal are normally when a tree has fallen after a storm or is in a dangerous position over power lines or on your home.

What you don’t want to do is call a local tree removal service initially. They can spot a wounded gazelle a mile away and will come in for the kill.

To save money you need to turn the emergency into just regular fallen tree removal.


Call your state emergency services to tackle the problem first.

Normally that will be the fire department, but some states have special services. They will cut the tree down to a safe level and leave it on your property for you to do the rest.

Now the job is no longer an emergency, you can take your time and get 3 or 4 competitive quotes from local tree services and pick the best price saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the process.

Ben McInerney
Author: Ben McInerney - Ben is a qualified arborist with 15 plus years of industry experience in Arboriculture. He ran a successful tree service before turning to writing and publishing. Ben is dedicated to providing users with the most accurate up-to-date information on everything trees.