Tree trimming is a job that is charged based on the type of tree, the location, type of trimming operation to be done, time of the year, and tree size. However, tree size is one of the most common considerations.

Although different types of trees will attract different prices for trimming, large trees are more expensive to trim.

A large tree is one with a height of above 50ft. For such a tree, you will have to pay anywhere between $500 and $1200 per tree. In some cases where you have an extremely large tree, you may pay up to $2000.

All this is due to the high amount of resources required to work on large trees as compared to others.

large tree pruning with pole saw

Trimmers do not charge by the hour per hour. This is because it is difficult to calculate the charges in terms of hours. Some companies have more human resources and equipment that can enable them to do the job quicker. While others can take longer because of a smaller crew.

Irrespective of all those factors, the type of job is the same. As a result, many trimmers prefer to charge per job based on various factors in play. Once that is done, is upon them to determine how long it will take to do the job based on the type of resources they have.

Although it is difficult to find a trimmer charging per hour, if you happen to find one, you will have to spend at least $200 per hour.

Is it cheaper to trim in winter?

Yes. It is cheaper if you trim your trees during the winter. During winter, which is a cold season, there are few jobs available for tree removal companies since very few outdoor activities are going on. As a result of the low demand, it is easier to get reduced prices since the companies do not have jobs.

Winter is the best period of the year to get your trees trimmed.

arborist trimming branches

How much to trim a large Oak tree?

Oak trees can grow very big and this can be a problem whenever you need to do trimming. Due to such a big size, it may require a lot of work, skill, and equipment to do the trimming job. The branches become wide and hard, making the job difficult.

As a result, the cost to trim Oak trees is high. You will pay between $950 and $1700 per tree. This will result from the level of trimming done. Some trees will require special attention such as canopy lift.

oak tree in front yard
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How much to trim a large Pine tree?

Pine trees also need trimming and they can grow really big. Depending on factors such as ease of access, type of pine tree, and time you will pay different amounts. If your pine tree is behind buildings with poor access then you will pay more.

Radiate pines will cost more to trim. This is because their branches are large and thick as compared to other types.

You will have to pay between $500 and $850 for Norfolk/White pine trees. For Radiata pine, you will have to pay between $750 and $1500 per tree. 

If your tree is close to a fence, shed, house, or power line, then the price can go above this.

How much to trim a large Palm tree?

A palm tree can grow tall. They can also accumulate a lot of fronds and grow in size as well. As a result, companies consider these factors whenever they are charging you for trimming work. They also consider the number of fronds you want to be removed.

For the large palm trees, these are the ones with a height of 30 ft and above you will have to pay $200. If you have multiple trees to be trimmed, you may get a discount.

For those with extremely large palm trees that have a height of more than 50ft, then you will have to pay between $300 and $600 per tree.

When should large trees be pruned?

Large trees require maintenance like any other. They need to be pruned regularly to improve their aesthetics and their health. However, dealing with large trees can be difficult as you have to understand when to trim them.

Some species of large trees grow branches faster than others, hence you have to prune them when they have overgrown. When large trees have dead parts or infected ones then there is a need for pruning.

Another case in which large trees need to be pruned is when they become a nuisance to the environment. Large trees can grow so huge that they pose a threat to surrounding areas, power lines, or sewage lines. At such points, pruning is important.

trimming of large oak tree with cherry picker

Can trees die from trimming?

Good trimming cannot make a tree die. However, it is crucial to understand that tree trimming should be done in the right manner. Several things have to be considered when trimming. Part to be cut, branches to be cut, how to do it, and when to do it.
As long as you do the process correctly then the tree won’t die.

However, there are rare cases where incorrect trimming can lead to tree death.

Make sure that you understand how to trim to avoid injuring the tree and causing death. One of the things to do is to avoid chopping off the top. The top of a tree is one of the most important parts and some of them may not rejuvenate. If you have to cut the top, then use the pollarding technique.

Do the cutting part in the right manner to avoid exposing the tree to disease and pests. For small trees, intense trimming by removing too many branches may lead to poor food production and weaken them hence leading to death.

What happens if you cut all the branches off a tree?

Cutting all branches off a tree is not advisable in many cases. Branches carry leaves that work as the means of making for trees.

As a result, if they do not have the leaves, they will lack food which can slow down their growth significantly and some trees may die.

When you cut all the branches off a tree, some trees will survive and slowly start growing new trees. However, it also depends on how you cut them. As long as the process is right, then new ones will grow. The growth process will be slowed down but they won’t die.

What is crowning a tree?

It is a type of pruning that focuses on the outer part of the tree. The process is done by trimming the outer branches and leaves of the tree and as a result, it forms a crown. Tree crowning is also done on the upper part of the tree.

As a result of tree crowning, the tree attains better looks and gets the shape of a tree. Many people do crowning to give trees a better look.

However, some arborists do not recommend tree crowning since it can damage parts of the tree. One should make sure that they should have the right skills or find a professional to do the job.

Ben McInerney
Author: Ben McInerney - Ben is a qualified arborist with 15 plus years of industry experience in Arboriculture. He ran a successful tree service before turning to writing and publishing. Ben is dedicated to providing users with the most accurate up-to-date information on everything trees.