Finding affordable tree removal services near you needs time and research. You should do your homework and compare several options before you choose the right professional for the job.

When looking for tree services, you should know what you want. You need to outline your tree work and look for the right company. This article provides you with techniques that will help you find cheap tree services near you.

Questions to ask tree service remove tree

Tree work is priced differently depending on the kind of work at hand. Before you engage a particular service, you should ask them to give you a detailed estimate. This will provide you with a breakdown of the services and costs. Below is a summary of the prices for different services.

Tree trimming$438$120$1,200
Tree removal$871$225$3,900
Tree limb removal$129$59$750
Stump removal$187$70$1,200
Arborist report$450$300$550

The average cost to trim a tree is $438, coming in between $120 to $1,200.  Tree removal costs between $225 and $3,900, with an average of $871. If you want the stump to be removed, expect to pay $187 with a range of $70 and $1,200. 

If you would like to know your tree’s condition, you can request an arborist report that averages $450, coming in between $300 to $550

The tree work’s overall cost will depend on its size, location, condition, and difficulty of the job. To get a correct estimate of the job, ask for at least three quotes from different professionals. This will not only give you the proper price range but also protect you from cunning professionals.

Choosing an affordable tree service near me

1. Internet search

The internet will provide you with a variety of options, but you should know where to look to get the best and cheapest options. To get tree services near you, type “tree service + your city,” and several options will pop up.  You may be prompted to look at the top results of Google and go to Yelp or the Yellow Pages, but this is not the best move if you are looking for affordable services.

Most big companies appearing on page one of Google have paid huge advertisement bills to be found first. This means they have to get back the money they spend on advertising and more profit. So, their services will be costly, which may be a disadvantage if you do not have enough cash.

To avoid this, to the second page of Google and check out the different companies available. Although you may find smaller companies, the price will be lower. Also, you may be surprised to get excellent services at a much lower cost than you expected.

2. Know when to hire

If your tree work is not pressing, you could wait and hire contractors during winter. You are likely to get cheaper quotes during the dormant period because most people do not hire tree services. So, most companies tend to close, and the few standing ones will give you a reasonable price.

However, if you have an emergency or your work cannot wait until winter, you can still find affordable tree services. A company with less workload may give you a cheaper quote and better service than a company with a lot of engagement.

To know how busy a company is, you can contact them and ask whether they can remove your tree as soon as possible. Their reaction will tell you whether they have a big workload or not and whether their services will be affordable.

3. Use this free service

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Questions to ask tree service

When looking for tree services, you should ask them several questions to know whether they are the right fit for you. Below are some of the most critical questions you need to ask potential contractors.

1. Do you have insurance?

The answer to this question is mostly yes, but it does not end there. Most tree contractors are insured, but you should determine whether the insurance is enough and whether it is the right one.

Every contractor should have public liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. With this coverage, the professional will be covered in case of accidents, and you will be compensated in case of property damage during the work.

2. Have you been operating for over 4 years?

Professionals gain experience with time. A tree service that has been operating for over 4 years will have more experience than a start-up. Also, their services will be better than newer companies.

Although there are newer businesses that offer exceptional services, they may not know the industry’s tricks. Also, you would not want a new company to practice your task because it may be disastrous and dangerous for both parties.

3. Do you provide free estimates?

When looking for tree removal companies, you should compare several options before selecting a particular company. During the vetting process, you need to know the company’s rates and get a breakdown of the price.

Ask the company whether they provide free estimates and make sure the estimate includes everything you discuss. Without a proper description of the job and the prices involved, the company may claim an extra fee, and without proof, you will be forced to pay them.

4. When will you start?

Once you agree on the cost, you should ask the tree service when they will start the job. Timing is essential, especially if you have an emergency. Even without urgent tree work, it is good to know when the job will begin and end.

This will help you to plan a suitable schedule and look for enough money to fund the project. Also, you can free up time to help with the work to lower the cost.

5. Do you have any references?

Ask the tree service whether they have references that can support their work. References are crucial during the vetting process as you will get evidence of the accomplishment of the company. If the professional does not have any referrals or fails to give you some, you should consider looking for another provider.

Affordable tree services near me
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Ways to save on tree services

Tree work is expensive, but there are several ways you can save on the job. The following tips will help if you are looking to save some dollars on your tree work.

Hire during winter

Most tree companies are small and owned by single business people. These companies tend to experience work influxes. During the peak season, which is usually during summer, there will be lots of work. This is quite the opposite during winter, the dormant season.

You can save a lot if you hire tree services when they have less work going on. Winter is the perfect time because most small companies close due to little or no work. During this time, you can get a cheaper quote and get exceptional services than during the high season.

A company tends to charge more when it is fully booked for about a month or two in advance. On the other hand, a company with fewer commitments will charge less to attract more customers.

Hire a gardener

If your tree job is not complicated, you can hire a gardener instead of an arborist. Trees that are 5m high and below can be handled by a gardener, which means you can save money by not hiring an arborist. Gardeners may easily handle small jobs, but you must hire an arborist for complex work to avoid putting yourselves and your property at risk.

Create access

If your tree is in the backyard or an inaccessible area, it will take more time to get to it. The complexity of the job will make the cost lean towards the high end. To save on the costs, try to create enough room around the tree.

If you must remove a section of your fence, dot it early to ensure the professionals get easy access to the tree. In case you need to remove a section of your neighbor’s fence, ensure you request them first and agree on the compensation. Make sure the agreement is in writing in case of any future issues.


Getting free tree removal services is highly unlikely, but some logging companies can offer you free services. Most small logging companies will be willing to remove trees for free as long as they are over twenty. Some companies may even pay you for the trees. Also, if you have rare tree species in high demand, some companies may pay you to remove them.

The cost to trim a large tree depends on its size. For instance, it costs about $750 to $1,875 to trim a tree that is between 30 and 60 feet tall. Trees that are 60 feet or taller cost about $900 to $2,200 or more for exceptionally tall trees. The actual cost will depend on the complexity of the job, access, and location.

Since tree services are on minimum wage, tipping tree services a percentage of their price will not make a difference. Also, tree services do not expect tips, so you can tip them whatever you like. If you have two workers a day, you can tip them $5 to $10 each a day or $5 each daily for more than 2 workers.

The best reward you can give your tree service is leaving a positive review on review websites like Yelp. This may not sound like much, but it will market and land them more jobs.

No, you do not have to be home when your tree service is working. Unless you want to reduce the costs by doing some of the work, you can go to work and leave the job to the professionals. You should, however, make sure that you clear the worksite and answer any critical questions to make work easier for the tree service.

It is not easy to quote tree work just by description. The cost will depend on the tree’s size and the difficulty of the job. So, it is best to get an on-site inspection to know how much the job will cost. Also, the professionals will gauge the amount of work and prepare the correct machinery for the job.

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