Murdannia keisak plant

Family – Commelinaceae

Stems: N/A

Murdannia keisak sheath

Leaf sheath.

Inflorescence: N/A


Murdannia keisak flower

Flowering – September – November.

Habitat – Marshes, lake margins, streambanks, ditches, bogs.

Origin – Native to tropical Asia.

Other information – This attractive yet weedy species can be found scattered mainly throughout east Alabama. The plant is easy to ID becasue of its habitat, fleshy stems, and pinkish-purple flowers. The flowers have three spreading petals and NO spathe subtending them.

The genus name Murdannia is given in honor of Murdan Aly who was a plant collector and keeper of the Botanical Garden of Saharanpur, India.

The species epithet keisak is a native Japanese name for the plant.

A common synonym is Aneilema keisak Hassk.

Alabama Distribution

Murdannia keisak map

Photographs taken in Brown Summit, NC., 9-8-02.

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